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Ham Lake Roof Repair; Winter Maintenance Tips For Your Home

Roofing in Ham Lake

Preventative maintenance around your home this winter can greatly reduce your energy costs, prevent disasters, and save you time and money. Ham Lake roofing contractors know that essential maintenance can help save your home from experiencing some significant problems. Here are a fewtips to help keep your home in good shape this winter:


Walk around your home and inspect your siding for potential problems. Watch out for cracks, dents, chips, dings, and openings that could allow critters and the elements to break the barrier. We are siding experts and if you have any concerns or do not know how old your siding is, we can help you!

Attic | Roof

Check your attic for signs of water getting in. Look for stains on the plywood decking and the wood trusses. Outside of your home, inspect for missing and broken shingles. A local roofer in Ham Lake sees a lot of hail damage rooftops in Minnesota. Did you know that most home insurance policies cover storm damage repairs? However, there are constraints on how old the damage is so do not wait if you know that your roof has been harmed by the weather.

Furnace and Vents

Make sure your furnace is working properly and the vents are cleaned out by a professional every few years. An obstructed heat vent is a sure way to increase your energy costs and could even harm the furnace unit itself. Watch out for furniture or anything large enough that could cover up the furnace vent and move as needed. Also, check that the returns are not blocked by anything and are able to freely take air into the furnace system so it can function optimally.

Gutter System

When was the last time you cleaned out your gutters and downspouts? A gutter system plays a large role in keeping a home safe from water damage. Common problems of clogged gutters include; indoor flooding (usually the basement), roof damage, cracked foundation, damaged landscaping, etc. If you suspect that your gutters are causing a problem, phone a local roofer in Ham Lake right away to inspect them. It is important for gutters to function properly year-round. If your gutters are broken, leaking, or clogged, the added weight from a large snowstorm this winter could cause an unwanted situation.


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January 4, 2021

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